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Residential window tinting

Making the decision to tint your home windows is probably one of the most sound financial decisions you can make. While increasing the visual appeal and aesthetic value of your home, you'll also be reducing UV damage to carpets, furniture all while reducing your heating and cooling requirements.

Infinity™ - Block the Sun... Not Your View

  • 4 levels of film
  • A natural, elegant film with superior optical clarity and neutral colouring that blends nicely with an home decor.
  • Exclusive manufacturer's lifetime warranty

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Symphony™ - Architectural Window Film

  • 5 levels of film
  • A quality of architectural film with brilliant clarity providing privacy, protection and comfort
  • Exclusive manufacturers lifetime warranty

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HeatShield - Environmental Insulation.

  • Clear View Film with a high heat reduction

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Spectra Series

  • High performance films in reflective colours.

Arma-Etch - Privacy and Decorative Film

  • The art of etched glass for a fraction of the cost

Safety and Security

  • Protect your family against shattering glass, intruders and cyclones

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ANTI-Graffiti Films

  • Vandal protection film that is applied to the outside of the glass protecting vandals from graffiti scratching. Covers up 95% of existing scratched that are marked on glass.

Benefits of Residential / Home Window Tinting

Problems With Your Windows?

Living in a mild climate with spectacular natural beauty, Australians have developed a love of the outdoors and a healthy, active lifestyle. Many home owners try to incorporate this love of the outdoors into the designs of their homes.

Studies by the Institute of Architects and the National Association of Homeowners report that the amount of glass used in the construction of the average home has more than doubled since the 1930's. This move to open, airy structures is a growing trend as people reach for the outdoors, but the increased use of glass brings drawbacks owners often don't anticipate.

The problem with an every-increasing number of windows is that they let in excessive heat in the summer and waste costly interior heat in the winter. They also allow in glare and light intensity so strong that home owners see their furniture, hanging art, draperies and carpet fade because of exposure to ultraviolet rays and infrared heat.

Window tinting can reduce heat loss in Winter by up to 30% through windows.

Insulating window film applied to the inside face of an ordinary window can decrease heat loss through the windows by up to 30%. With more homes being built these days with more and larger windows, that 30% reduction in heat loss can add up pretty quickly to a lot of $$$.

Rejects up to 79% of the Sun's heat passing through windows.

In the summer months, ARMA window films reduce the cost of cooling a building by rejecting up to 79% of the sun's heat passing through the windows.

In Winter, the same ARMA films reduce heat loss through windows which can cause discomfort to occupants and unnecessarily higher energy bills.

Blocks 99% of carpet and upholstery damaging U.V. rays.

By now, almost everyone is aware of the damaging effects of ultraviolet (UV) light on the skin and the increased risk of skin cancer it poses. But did you also know that the sun's UV rays are responsible for the fading and premature aging of your home furnishings and art?

Today's homes, especially here in Australia, are designed to be open and airy with large numbers of windows affording grand views of the outdoors.

Sun faded furnishings like carpets, furniture, draperies etc, can add to the expense of owning a home. ARMA's professionally installed window films will block out at least 99% of the damaging ultraviolet rays that ordinarily pass through un-tinted windows. this means that drapes, upholstery, furniture, carpeting etc. will remain un-faded longer if protected by ARMA window films.

Blocks up to 92% of glare on T.V's and computers.

Many home owners, especially those in historical or architecturally unique residences, are very cautious about altering their windows in any way, fearing it might alter the feel of their homes. but once they learn the facts, sceptics can rest at ease. Advanced window films are trusted by the experts and have been installed in many museums and National Landmarks.

Consider the case of Barbara Hammond, who, as director of the Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum in New York, was faced with the dilemma of how to protect the museum's unique early 19th century furnishings and artwork from damaging sunlight through the manion's many windows.
Ms. Hammond comments, "Our many visitors are totally unaware that the windows are treated. Only we know it is there protecting our valuable exhibits."

Beating the Sun in your own home.

Double-pane glass, found in most new homes, partially shows the passage of heat but has little effect on glare and ultraviolet radiation. To meet the challenge of reflecting these harmful rays of the sun without sacrificing light into the home, technologically advanced window films have been created to provide a comfortable ambiance in rooms year-round.

For years window film has been used in office buildings for energy savings and in automobiles to provide privacy. In the past, most home owners have been reluctant to take advantage of the many benefits window film affords due to misconceptions about its appearance. They associate window film with automobile tinting or bubbly, inadequate installations. The benefit of choosing ARMA is our LIFETIME WARRANTY and professional service. The only question now should be, "when can I get it?".

A New Generation of Window Films - HeatShield

Technologies have changed dramatically since window films were first invented. Increased sun control or heat gain reduction use to mean heavy levels of metal had to be deposited on polyester films, prodcuing window films with a darker tint. This resulted in a trade-off with the film's visible light transmittance.

Today's new product technologies have developed solar control window films that are virtually clear and invisible. Many are known as "selective wavelength" films that manage to block portions of the solar spectrum selectively. This means that the films block more of the near infrared or heat portion of the spectrum and less of the visible light.

The fact is, the heat we receive from the sun is actually invisible to the human eye. The eye only sees light, not heat. Technology has found a way to block out the heat spectrum of sunlight without the loss of visible light. Unique engineering, construction, and use of materials allow these special films to let visible light through without a compromise in performance.

This is accomplished through the use of unique metals like Nichrome. Besides being widely used in aircraft and military hardware, Nichrome is an excellent insulator against the sun's heat. The metal is deposited onto a clear polyester film in a coating so thin you can see right through it. Once it is applied to your windows, it is virtually undetectable.

Smart home owners take advantage

Smart homeowners are taking advantage of today's new technology in window films, protecting their homes and furnishings from heat and harmful UV rays while allowing in natural light. So instead of hiding your windows behind mini blinds and shutters, use these advanced HEATSHIELD solar control products and enjoy the view.

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Increases your privacy

Translucent or daylight reflection film will let in light and enhance your privacy from prying eyes. The last thing you need in your own home is feel exposed. Call ARMA to enhance your home privacy today.

Available in clear and dark tints in range of colours

Not all window films are dark or even tinted. ARMA's HeatShield is a clear film with all the protective properties you'd expect in a coloured film.

ARMA also offers traditional and conventional tinting films in a variety of shades and colours. Please call ARMA to find out which one best suits you.

Lifetime warrant on fading, cracking and bubbling on all tints.

ARMA offers a lifetime warranty on all films and installations. That means peace of mind for you without any hidden price tags. Professional service and the world's best films is only a phone call away.

Purple windows and bubbles are a thing of the past
Many people have misconceptions about window tinting. The only window film they've seen is the dark black tint on limousines or the often bubbled, wrinkled, "pupled" tint on old cars on the freeway. While they've heard of the many benefits of window tinting, the thought of installing this film in their cars may seem less than attractive.

A New Generation of Window Tinting Products.
What most people don't realise is that technological breakthroughs have developed a whole new generation of window films sold for cars that outperform their predecessors in all respects. Gone are the days of dark, discoloured and bubbled window tints.

These new window films use high temperature acrylic adhesives, scratch-resistant coatings and advanced metals like titanium to block heat and insure long life of the product. They are neutral in appearance, don't alter the natural colour of objects on either side of the glass, and are almost invisible from the inside out, allowing visible light in while blocking out heat and ultraviolet light.

Most of the new films no longer use dyes or silver, eliminating the purple or aluminium foil looks. Space-age, high-termperature acrylic adhesives are used that provide the cleanest, hardest, thinnest bond with glass that's guaranteed to remain bubble-free for life. These adhesives can withstant temperatures up to 250 degrees!
When custom-installed by experienced professionals, these window films will stay clear and distortion-free for the full life of the products.

ARMA Window Films Carries the Most Advanced Products in the Industry
At ARMA Protection Systems, we carry the most sophisticated custom window tinting products available. Consisting of metals applied to polyester films, these new window films, when professionally installed, are guaranteed to last.

This is just one of the technologically-advanced products ARMA Protection Systems can offer you. These products have superior appearance, outstanding colour stability, and longer prodct performance. ARMA Window Films is your clear choice for customised glass tinting.

Improves the livability and look of your home

Window film treatments can add some real class to homes at a fraction of the cost to other alternatives without the inconvenience of a dirty, dusty, noisy construction zone. Our window films are available in a wide range of colours, patterns, tinted, semi-reflective, or fully reflective. All these have a glare free crystal clear view from the inside looking out and rom the outside has a nice stylish look that enhances the appearance of any home.

With all the benefits of reductions in U.V. rays, furnishing protection plus the heating and cooling cost savings you'll give your home a new lease of life.

Reduce energy costs

It all makes sense. The less energy you need to cool and heat your home means a smaller energy bill. Include the long-term savings that the protection of your carpets and furniture will provide and you'll see that getting your home windows tinted will pay for itself, not just in your back pocket, but in your comfort levels too.

Makes your glass shatter resistant

ARMA window films provide the look of expensive tinted glass with the added benefit of shatter resistance.

Accidents do happen, but ARMA's window films can reduce the risk of glass related injury. Although not rated as strong as security or safety films, all our films have a strong adhesive system that bons to the glass. Glass with ARMA's window film installed becomes stronger and more shatter resistant. If an accident does happen, glass is more likely to stay in place, reducing the chance or dangerous jagged airborne shards flying around.

Professionally installed

Worry-Free Installation by ARMA Protection Systems Professionals
ARMA Protection Systems carries a number of products that conform to high-quality standards and offer lifetime warranties. Our knowledgeable staff will help you choose the right film for your needs.

ARMA Protection Systems factory-trained professionals will custom install the window film in your home using the utmost of care and highest industry standards. installation is quick, clean, and doesn't interrupt normal day-to-day activites.

Even after the sale and installation, ARMA Protection Systems will be there for you. You can trust our experts to provide you with the most skilled and professional service available.

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The Benefits of Window Tinting

The Best of the Best

The Ultimate in Sun Protection

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