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About Us

By pursuing a strategy of providing superior quality products and services, ARMA Protection Systems has established itself as the leading business of its kind in the World.

ARMA was born in late 2002 as part of the Autotech Group of Companies established over 45 years ago in Australia.

In 2003, ArmaKool the Group's branded and proprietary vehicle window glazing system was introduced to the market. The Group is a member of the IWFAA (International Window Film Association) and has also won recognition from a number of its clients, including a Supplier Quality Award.

ARMA Protection Systems Window Films complement the existing hue of automotive glass to produce a richer, more distinctive appearance, dramatically enhancing the look of any type of vehicle.

Over the years the group has won acclaim and praise from customers and industry players alike, for providing a high standard of protection products and now introducing the Worlds best protective film for the automotive and domestic markets.

The ARMA system of tinting is so professional that it is almost impossible to distinguish between an ARMA finish and the original glass. This sets ARMA apart from inferior tint methods.

Our success continues to grow because of our ultra skilled technicians, refined systems, absolute commitment to service and the amazing quality of our workmanship. Our unrivalled finishes are recognised within the industry and by our customers as the finest available.

We respect the importance of the safety and security, and that's why we use the finest materials in the World. At ARMA, we don't compromise, and we don't suggest you do either.


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